Meet Our Team

Steve George
I’m Steve George, owner of RSQP: Print & Design.

I am a lifelong resident of the Ohio Valley. I began my career here in 1986 as a sales agent with Office Systems, a local Xerox equipment dealer. In 1991 I purchased Office Systems.

In 2005, I purchased Rich & Shirley’s Quickprint on Main St. in Wheeling from retiring owners Rich and Shirley Steffl, longtime customers of Office Systems. Rich & Shirley’s Quickprint is now located at the 92 16 th St. location.

Because of the many successful years of Rich and Shirley’s in the the local market. It was decided to update the logo to reflect both the many additional services now offered, but also maintain the history of quality and dependability associated with the name Rich and Shirley’s.

We feel the new logo R.S.Q.P Print and Design better illustrates this.

In 2010, I sold Office Systems to focus more on growing business in the printshop.

I am a member of the Wheeling Lions Club, CentreTown Fitness and Business Networking International.

Phillip Alig
I’m A 2002 graduate of Art Institute of Pittsburgh, with a BS in Graphic Design. Over the past 17 years I have worked full time as a designer, from multi media agency, direct mail marketing, and a steady flow of freelance work. I have been a part of the RSQP team since 2013. As a designer I enjoy being challenged creatively, and think everyone should be doing something that sets them apart.

I strive to grow as a designer and to become a successful name in the design industry. I find inspiration from various sources, including postmodern artwork, pinup and vintage art, amateur and professional designers. But most of all, when I am not designing, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife and two children, and aspire to be a successful father and husband.

Cindy Myers
My name is Cindy Myers and I’ve been working in the printing industry for 38 years!

I joined the RSQP Team in July of 2016 where I work in the Press Room with Joe where I handle all press printing and also do the finishing work, like punching, binding, numbering, folding, ect.

I’m also a die hard Cowboys fan!

Leigh Anne
Hello! I am Leigh Anne a Graphic Designer who loves to design anything you need to have your business, wedding or whatever you are needing look its best.

Before starting at RSQP, I started as an assistant designer in 2010 and graduated from Bradford School of business in January 2013. I am a 5 year a volunteer creative for the Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society. Working on the creative for there conventions Tekko and Sangawa.

I love playing video games or board games with friends. I also love being outdoors kayaking, riding my atv, or siting on my porch drinking sweet tea. In my free time I am a seamstress making costumes for renaissance fairs or Halloween costumes for esty.